Myra ruins A wonderful Soviet built and Greek operated hydrofoil (still in service after all these years!) crosses our path Irene motored a short hop from Greece to Bozburan, Turkey early in the morning the first day of October, 2019. The town basin was packed with gulets and cruising boats, but luckily we spotted a young Turk waving on the quay, in a spot between a UK flagged ketch and an enormous motoryacht. We dropped the hook and squeezed on back. After taking our lines, our guide told us – “Raise the flags right now, Turkey and your country. Very important, first thing!” As it happens, Ginger had spent the morning going through lockers looking for our Turkish courtesy flag, procured in Scotland last winter, but had not been able to locate it. So with quick directions from our guide, she sprinted to a nearby hardware store. When she returned with the flag our guide nodded in approval. (Shortly after hoisting our new flag Ginger found the original one, in a “s