Irene Undertakes a Long Upwind Slog, Singapore to Okinawa

  Goodbye Singapore, Thank You For the Shelter In our last post, Irene had arrived in Singapore after being turned away by Indonesia (after a long direct voyage from Turkey.) In Singapore we picked up a mooring buoy in front of Changi Sailing Club, where we passed the next 127 days waiting for either a change in policy allowing us ashore in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia or the change in season that would allow us to continue on our journey home to Seattle. Those changes in policy never materialized in any practical sense, so we counted the days, watched the weather and planned our escape.    Paint test float Changi   While in Singapore we developed a pleasant shipboard routine on our mooring at Changi.   On most Friday evenings we would share a dinner with Carolyn and Fatty, sometimes with some of their local friends, aboard Irene or Ganesh. We shared enjoyable days with our neighbor Adamastor, a young English couple with three wonderful children.   Every other week w

Turkey to Singapore

A Passage in COVID Times Finike Turtle Once COVID restrictions eased enough to allow us to leave the marina at Finike, we took an idyllic sailing exploration up the Lycian coast. We saw very few other boats and enjoyed quiet anchorages and sparkling clear water in an area often crowded with charter boats, loud music, jet skis, generators, and late-night partying. The wind was warm and steady and just the right strength for Irene to carry all sail with no need to reef. At night we wedged Irene in small coves, Med style, dropping an anchor and running stern lines ashore. As usual Ginger volunteered to swim our lines ashore and fasten them to rocks.    Med sunrise Sparkling blue Turkish water We discussed possible scenarios and wondered how COVID would affect our sailing plans. We wanted to continue sailing, but we watched in dismay as boats in transit were caught out and unable to find a place to rest, restock, and refuel. Yet staying in place had risks too, as recent geop